The QTI Multi Channel Iridium relay (MCIR) uses the existing iridium satellite network to transmit remote alarms. The MCIR can be utilized where no cellular network is present and where is is impractical to use terrestrial radio systems. An Iridium account is required.


The multi-channel relay (MCRY) is a traditional terrestrial RF relay that acts as a repeater for remote event alarms. The MCRY may be “daisy chained” for long haul use. The MCRY is used to deliver remote alarms to a handheld or base station monitor. The relay can be programmed with the transmit frequency different than the receive frequency.


The MMCT (E) is a Multi-Channel Synthesized Transmitter that can operate on a low voltage.  The MMCT(E) can operate for up to three years before requiring a battery change.  The MMCT (E) is designed to work with all QTI remote sensors.


The MMCT(M) is a multi channel transmitter used with all QTI remote event sensors. It can operate up to 4-6 months on two 9-volt batteries. Nominal transmission range is 2 miles. Range of the MMCT(M) can vary from a few hundred feet to several miles – depending on deployment conditions.  Range can be extended with relays.


The MCRX is a handheld receiver used to display the ID codes of activated remote event sensors. The MCRX is used to deploy and validate the implementation of a remote sensor laydown.  The MCRX has a GPS module to record the location of remote event sensors and to assist with after action sensor recovery.