Additional Products

LPM (Low Power Module)

The Qual-Tron LPM, Low Power Module, is an RF data modem designed to make it easy for users to send data over-the-air, to and from remote units. The LPM consumes very little power when receiving, and only microamperes while in sleep mode. The LPM is an ideal solution for remote units that require battery power. Users can provide their own (low noise) power supply of at least 6.5 VDC, or the LPM can also be purchased with our robust power supply. The LPM defaults to ASCII text mode, which allows the user to send and receive messages with the use of any terminal program. The LPM also has the option of a pure binary mode, which allows the user to send binary messages, with half the overhead of ASCII.


  • Security
  • Sensor reporting
  • Telemetry
  • Remote Control

QSM (Qual Tron Seiwg Modem)

The QSM is a low power, 1W, SEIWG communications module that opens the door for any product to support wireless configurations in the 138 MHz to 174 MHz frequency range.  It’s the perfect match for solutions that require short burst data support for covert operations as well as enabling your equipment to communicate with Qual-Tron’s line of sensors, relays, transmitters, and receivers.