Border Security

Qual-Tron (QTI) Remote Event Systems can enhance any border security operation from full scale international border protection to private estate security. Remote event sensors provide long term persistent surveillance and are battery operated to provide remote event notification for longer than 2 years before requiring battery replacement. QTI remote event sensors can provide advance alerts to first responders, activate cameras, augment ground radar and LIDAR systems, and even cue drones.


Qual-Tron, Inc (QTI) provides means to enhance situational awareness across large ranges. QTI produces systems that utilize military frequencies (138mhz – 174mhz).  Large military bases, remote command posts, and other OPS can use the QTI remote event sensors to monitor intrusions across far flung areas.


Whether a look-out post is occupied, or vacated, Qual-Tron sensors have been standard equipment for making sure intrusions are detected and posts are secure. In addition, QTI can differentiate between vehicles and personnel.


Qual-Tron, Inc (QTI) remote event sensors can act as cueing devices for UAV systems. A remote event alert used to cue a “drone-in-a-box” makes the drone cameras an excellent way to verify remote intrusions. Remote event sensors used across large, remote areas reduce that need for prolonged drone airtime and increase the drone’s useful life. Remote sensors also mean fewer drones can do more work.


Qual-Tron remote event systems are used in National parks and forest service properties all over the world to provide intrusion detection across large unsupervised areas as well as enhance counter poaching activity to help save endangered species.