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Embassy Brief

Qual-Tron has been invited to DC, to visit an Embassy, for an equipment brief on integration of Situational Awareness sensors

Qual-Tron develops two new "SMART" sensors

QTI's new SNIPER Multi Sensor and the Multi-Channel Seismic

Qual-Tron participates in Culvert Challenge

QTI's SNIPER MS system participated in the Culvert Challenge, Ft. Benning 2016

Qual-Tron Africa

Qual-Tron provides training for Africa operations

Qual-Tron Africa

Qual-Tron provides systems for anti-poaching operations in Africa

Europe purchases new QTI equipment

Several countries in Europe have purchased new QTI sensor equipment to support Situational Awareness SA needs.

Qual-Tron, Inc./ BSE 2017

Qual-Tron will be at the Border Security Expo 2017 in San Antonio, TX