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Contract Manufacturing

A contract manufacturer for plated through-hole, surface mounted printed circuit board sub-assemblies and complete box build, with a clean and modern facility of 12,500 square feet of manufacturing area and 4500 square feet of office space.

Major Equipment

Stencil Printer

Surface Mount Techniques Model SL 2220
Maximum Pallet or Board Size 15.5" X 20"

Pick & Place Machine

Samsung Model CP40CV
-Maximum of 104 Unique Components
-Rated at 15000 components per hour

Reflow Oven

Vitronics Soltec Model XPM2 820
-350° C, Eight Heating and Two Cooling Zones,
-Lead Free Ready

Elevated Temperature Burn-In Ovens

-Total of Five, Maximum 400° F

RF Isolated Screen Rooms

-Braden Shielding, Total of Three,
- Approximately 12 FT X 16 FT