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Intrusion Detection Systems

QTI Intrusion Detection Systems are sold exclusively to U.S. and Foreign Military, Government Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies. All of the systems are compact portable systems that operate on standard 9 volt DC batteries. They are user friendly and require a minimum amount of training. All units can be programmed in 1-3 steps using only a small screwdriver. All three systems provide instantaneous alarms by sending a digitally encoded RF message from the transmitter to a receiver. The message is either a 20 bit or 29 bit message format. The QTI Intrusion Detection Systems are compatible with the SEIWG-005 format. Messages are displayed on Hand Held Receiver LCD displays which show the transmitter ID code and additional data messages.

MMIDS - Mini Intrusion Detection System (Modified)
EMIDS - Enhanced Mini Intrusion Detection System