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QTI's "STAR" Application

The Qual-Tron “STAR” application is designed for Complete C2 Command and Control. Available in web-based and mobile versions, the application offers real-time monitoring and notifications for managing all intrusion detection systems manufactured by Qual-Tron, Inc.

QTI’s “STAR” application integrates some of the latest and most innovative technology including an extensive database. During its research and inception phase, the application development team acquired 76,000 pieces of data in an amount of 90 days – data they were able to utilize as needed.

Application Features Include:

  1. Complete operational control and team setup through the web-based application
  2. View list of alarms, events and reports in real time through the mobile application
  3. Google Cloud Messaging offers instantaneous notifications as they are generated for your intrusion detection systems
  4. Manage multiple operations through a single application
  5. Secure data and restrictions with user authentication

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