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Qual-Tron Inc. (QTI) is a major supplier of Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS). QTI has pushed the envelope developing extremely low power sensors. These power needs have made it possible for QTI sensors to remain deployed for as long as two years. QTI has networked its systems with many operations around the globe. QTI sensors are deployed on every Continent and with every major Command. QTI has deployed its sensors in areas of both hot and cold temperatures, while producing outstanding results. QTI sensors have successfully performed, in these areas, for more than 30 years with excellent reliability.

QTI has always been a steady, reliably small business. Striving to provide a technologically advanced product. QTI has proven that the outstanding communications capabilities, of its products, have produced results for the Warfighter, Special Operations, Border Security, National Parks, The ease of fitting into an existing network or creating a network, has made QTI a go to brand for many organizations worldwide.

Technical Attributes

  • Extremely low power sensors that can provide up to two years of sustainable operations with a small battery package.
  • Combine a digital architecture with a broad base of features designed around a modular configuration and you have a Situational Awareness product base that will give you the flexibility to fit most any intrusion need.
  • RF communications that allow digital wireless interface from each sensor pushed into a variety of network architectures to transfer critical data to a final destination (C2) for analysis and response evaluation.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence processing combining features of a learned response format to produce a situational awareness that will produce an extremely accurate picture of the threat. Enabling the operator to make an informed path of interdiction and apprehension.
  • Sensor designs that are small, durable and proven in the field of operation. QTI sensors have stood the test of time.
  • Perimeter Breach Detection
  • Monitor Roads / Trails
  • Early Threat Detection

Protecting What Matters

Natural Resources
  • Monitor Roads / Trails
  • Suspicious Activity Detection
  • Tracking

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Border Security
  • Perimeter Breach Detection
  • Monitor Roads
  • Trespassing Alert System