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Qual-Tron offers Intrusion Detection Systems for Border Security, Area Surveillance, Perimeter Intrusion Detection and more.


Qual-Tron Inc., manufactures Unattended Ground Sensors or “UGS” that provide enhanced Situational Awareness or “SA” to border applications and areas in need of Intrusion protection. UGS provide an early warning of potential security breaches before the secured asset is affected. QTI’s battery operated system provides continued long term persistent surveillance, 24 – 36 months, to areas which are not visible to fixed cameras or ground radar systems. QTI’s high-tech primary detection group consists of magnetic, seismic and passive infrared sensors which are virtually invisible to the eye and can be used in a stand-alone operation or part of an escalation or force networked system. Multi- modal sensors can be used to provide target information for example human, animal or vehicle, defining the response tactic needed. QTI’s SA systems can either be monitored at the field level or by a command and control unit many miles away. Data is collected with each sensor alarm and stored in a data base. This data base can be used as a tool to notice specific trends and predict future intrusions. QTI UGS systems are comprised of 99 % COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) units. QTI SA systems have been rigorously field tested by many Federal organizations and military operations, in all climatic regions and terrain conditions. QTI has proven to be a partner to many continental United States organizations and many foreign countries. QTI has been devoted to the research, development and distribution of Unattended Ground Sensors for over 35 years. We currently assist in the protection of many border areas and strategic assets around the world.